The mission of the Business & Finance Education Department is to develop the use of technology, business and economic concepts, and ethical principles that are essential to all citizens in a global economy. Business & Finance courses promote the application of acquired skills to numerous disciplines and tasks. The Business & Finance curriculum prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary for advanced study in post-secondary education and career preparation. Through a rigorous and comprehensive course of study, students are exposed to business pathways in accounting, finance, marketing and information technology.

Business & Finance Education offers college credit for select courses as noted through the College Career Pathways (CCP) program partnership with Connecticut community colleges.

Introduction to Computer Science

.5 Credit
Grades 9-12 
Prerequisite: None

This course is designed for students who wish to explore the fundamentals of computer programming within the business field context and is a compliment to the Business and Finance Career Pathway. Using Visual Basic language this course provides students with standard computer logic that enhances problem solving skills while using a graphical interface. Topics include flow-charting, computer code, object properties, program design and game design. This course provides a rich learning experience for students who have little or no prior programming experience. (This course fits within the STEM Pathway. Look for other STEM courses under Science, Technology & Engineering and Mathematics).

Student Teaching Assistant - Hall only

.5 Credit
Grade 12
Prerequisite: Administration approval

The purpose of this course is to provide career exploration opportunities within the classroom environment. This student teaching assistant program provides students an opportunity to gain valuable insight into potential career paths within a specific area of interest while matching their talents, interests, aptitudes and skills to real-world opportunities. The student teaching assistant program allows students to “give back” to their community and school through a hands-on internship experience within the classroom. Seniors can earn either .5 credit or 1 full credit.